Automate HR with the Use of SharePoint and Office 365

The HR department is one of the busiest departments of organizations. There are always a lot of things to do. They need to ensure that they will streamline the tasks that they have to do so that they will always be productive. At times, the tasks would seem repetitive and not everyone is cut out for the tasks that they have to do.

SharePoint and Office 365 can offer some tools that can make HR processes automated. Things will be easier to understand. Some common tasks can be done easily with the use of the system. There is no need to do things manually anymore so that they will work well.

What Do SharePoint and Office 365 Automate?

There are different things that SharePoint and Office 365 can automate. For example, there are some forms that employees need to answer. New hires can answer surveys regarding their application and how fast the application went. Other employees can send their evaluation forms to the system. There is no need to submit a lot of paperwork and documents for sending feedback.

Repetitive tasks can be automated. For example, there is a weekly newsletter that will be sent to the emails of employees. Instead of this being done manually, only the information would need to be changed. The emails will push through as planned at a certain day and time every week.

Why Office 365 and SharePoint Automate?

They are created to be that way. These tools are being used by people right now especially those in the HR department because they can make tasks easier. These can be used to create workflows. The things that people used to dread because they will take a long time can be done faster.

For example, people who would need to get their reimbursement when they went on a business trip do not have to wait for weeks. They can simply input all the expenses plus the receipts. All of these can be uploaded to the portal for HR to check. Employees will also know if the reimbursement was approved or not.

How to Automate HR Processes with Office 365 and SharePoint?

Those who are familiar with tech and would know how to use these tools can create workflows to connect different tasks. If you are not too sure about what to do, you can hire some developers and programmers to help you. They will inform you about the things that you should do. At the same time, they can also provide some details regarding how they automated these tools to your advantage. 

It is important to work with them closely. You need to inform them about the customizations that you want. Remember that your organization is unique. There are some things that other companies do not need that your company would thrive from having.

What Does Project Include?

HR automation will include different things. You will be able to consult, implement, customize, document, and prepare all the things that you need. Make sure that software licenses are included too. It will make automation less complicated. Expect that these tools will be available:

  • Workflow Activities Kit
  • AD User Profile Service
  • Bulk File Upload
  • Calendar Pro Exchange
  • Alerts & Reminders
  • Forms Designer

How You Can Get Started

You want to automate HR processes as soon as possible. Doing everything on your own can be a bit complicated. What you can do is to look for the right company that can help you with the automation process. Do not forget to include a short description of your company and what you want to achieve. The clearer your goals are, the faster that you can be given help.

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