Using Office 365 as an HR Management System

There was a time when using technology was thought to be complicated. Some people shied away from using any type of technology because they like the “old-fashioned” way of doing things. As companies grow bigger and the number of employees start to increase, they begin to realize how technology can help them.

There are some solutions that are available now that can help the HR department in tremendous ways. HR staff members need to do some tedious and repetitive tasks. The time may come when they would need to feel more inspired. Having the right HR management system can help them a lot. They can focus on less common tasks. The repetitive tasks that they have to do can be managed by the system properly.

Using MS Teams

Some of the essential activities that the HR department should do are the following:

  • Employee onboarding
  • Recruitment
  • Leave Management

These may seem like simple things but imagine if more than 20 employees would have different requests all at once. MS Teams will be helpful because corresponding with people can be easier even without the use of emails.

Communicate with New Hires Using Yammer

New hires would need to know their schedules plus a lot of details about the company. They have to fully understand what their role is so that they can adapt to the company’s environment better. Using Yammer will make these things easier:

  • Create onboarding schedules
  • Show venues
  • Logistics

The new hires will be able to see their status plus the other announcements. It will make them feel that they are not being left out.

Create Professional Web Pages with Sway

You want to have web pages that will be as professional as your company. It should have the following things:

  • Onboarding schedule
  • Content
  • Shareable QR Code

Let us say that you are not happy with the design of your webpage. You simply need to choose the Remix button and you will have a different design. Creating and publishing the website can be easy with the use of Sway.

Effective Communication with the Rest of the Team with Skype for Business

What is one of the reasons why remote working works well now? It is because of Skype for Business. People can chat and call people that they need to work with. Scheduling meetings for brainstorming will be easy to do.

Skype also comes with a Q&A button. If some new employees are still unfamiliar with the things that they have to do, they can just ask. They can also inquire about their benefits, the lessons that they can take, and so much more.

Get Proper Feedback with Forms

The HR department would like to know if people are happy with the company. New hires need to be satisfied with the whole process they went through. From the time that they applied up to the time when they were onboarded, they can provide feedback. This feedback will help HR determine what things they need to improve on.

Those who are going to answer the forms would simply need to open the form on their mobile device or their laptop. The information will be sent to whoever is in charge. Information is usually confidential.

Analyze Data with Power BI

This is a cloud-based service that you can use. This will help check and analyze the data that you will input immediately. The data can be gathered from different systems and will be created into graphs and charts for better understanding. This can also help you learn more information about the productivity of your different employees.

There are different apps that are being used now for HR management. Hopefully, you can learn more about these apps and know how they can be integrated with the rest of your system. HR will function better for sure.

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