Create an Efficient HR Department Using SharePoint and Office 365 Tools

One of the problems of businesses right now is that competition is so fierce. There are so many companies that are being launched. There is a big chance that some of them will offer items that are similar to what you are offering.

The global pandemic has made changes to the way that people live. A lot of people now are working from home. Some of them say that even if life goes back to normal, they would rather stay at home. They feel like they can accomplish more things that way. Some even say that they have never appreciated the different tools until the pandemic occurred.

If you need to build an efficient HR department, you should use SharePoint and 365 Office Tools. Now is your chance to know as many details as possible.

From Recruiting to Hiring

One of the biggest problems that the HR department encounters is there are just so many processes that they have to think about. Recruiting can be a problem because sometimes, the number of applicants is hard to manage.

Using the right tools will help the HR staff members to check the applications in one portal. Some filters can be set in place. If some people would not pass based on the qualifications that they will submit, they can be rejected. It will lessen the amount of time that will be spent checking the different CVs and resumes.

Workflow of Employee Onboarding is Easier

It can take some time to onboard employees especially if there is more than one employee that needs to be onboarded for the week. It can also be repetitive for some of the staff members to explain everything all over again to different people.

All of the onboarding requirements can already be posted then there can be a set schedule when the newly hired employees can attend just one session. It will allow the HR staff members to focus on other tasks within the week. All of the documents can be paperless too which will be an advantage for everyone in HR.

Employee Directory

What if the HR department needs to search for some details about an employee? Gone are the days when the file cabinet would come in handy. People would need to look over different folders before finding the file that they want.

Through the employee directory, the ID number or even the name of the employee can just be placed on the search bar. Details about the employee will immediately appear. Once they have found the employee, they can retrieve the information that they are looking for. Some people would need to find an employee to chat with them. The available chat tools will make this possible.

Track Progress of Employees

It will be useful to have a page for the evaluation of the employees. Some employees who are up for a promotion can check their progress. Their superiors can also check their progress. Even the evaluation given by their managers and peers can be considered easily.

Those who are already going to be off-boarded can be checked by the HR department too. The staff members should check if the person will not be able to access the portal anymore after his/her last day. The progress should be clear and available through the portal.

Check the Additional Benefits

Notifications will be available so that people will know what their schedule is going to be for the day and even for the whole week. The more that the company will stay on track in doing tasks, the more that employees can feel that they are being cared for. 

It will be easier to schedule the projects depending on the duration that the employees are expected to complete them. Making changes can be easier too especially if it would be discussed with the rest of the team.

All of the resources that employees need can be found in one place too. There is no need to contact anyone from HR to ask about leaves, benefits, and so much more.

Create Different Department Portals

One of the hardest things before about having a big organization is the departments may sometimes find it hard to work together. They would need to collaborate and talk to each other to get things done. This can be harder in the past. With the use of the right tools, chatting and communicating will not be hard to do.

If there are some details needed from another department, it would be given immediately. Some of the information can even be available from the portal. People just need to retrieve them so that they can use them.

These are just some of the benefits to expect when you use SharePoint and Office 365 Tools. Are you ready to customize these tools to make something worthwhile for your organization? Always consider the needs of your business and your employees. The more that you know what you need, the better that you can plan your portal.

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