HR Professionals and How They Use Microsoft 365 and Office 365

A lot of people are aware that it is better to have a digital workspace now as compared to before. There are a lot of workplace tools that can be used by employees whether they are in an actual office or if they are working remotely.

Companies choose to build their digital workplaces on Microsoft 365 and nothing is surprising about this. People are already familiar with the tools so they just need to know how these tools can be used in a cloud-based form. With the use of Microsoft 365, companies can expect that their team members can collaborate easily. At the same time, creating a full-on digital transformation will not be as complicated as people have expected.

How Does Microsoft 365 Help Professionals?

There are different areas wherein Microsoft 365 can help different professionals.

  1. Improve overall employee experience.

What is one of the reasons why employees would like to stay with a company? You may hear some people say that even if other companies are offering them higher salaries, they know that they would rather stay with the company that they are working for. Why? It’s because of their experience in the company as employees.

The more that employees feel like they are being valued in the company, the more that they will feel that they shouldn’t leave. They may also begin to feel that staying with the company will allow them to grow. They can enhance their skills and improve their weak points.

Companies should not only be able to get new hires whenever they need to. They need to know how to retain their employees. The more loyal employees are, the better that they can work for the company.

  • Improve overall efficiency.

Employees need to be efficient at all times so that tasks can be done properly. Those who are working in the HR department would also need to do different tasks well no matter how repetitive these tasks might seem. Some of the HR functions that can be improved are the following:

  • Drive more efficient HR processes – Employees can gain access to different documents that concern them.
  • Work tools and information can be accessed through the HR portal – This means that if there are some things that employees need to do like file a leave or get reimbursements, using Microsoft 365 will make all of these things easier to do.
  • Communicating will be easier – Chat functions will allow communication lines to be more open and easier.
  • Powerful and operational dashboards – Workforce analytics will be available to help people monitor and determine the next steps they are going to take.
  • Effective in supporting flexible working.

One of the reasons why companies would like to digitize everything is they have remote employees from different parts of the globe. It seems that even after the pandemic is over, some companies would choose to allow their employees to still work from their homes. This can also make companies more appealing to different people.

  • The HR team can collaborate better.

Different tools are being offered by Microsoft 365 such as the following:

  • Yammer
  • Microsoft Teams
  • SharePoint

Any of these can be effective in allowing the HR team plus all of the other employees to work together.

Take note that using Microsoft 365 can sometimes be overwhelming for people. There are a lot of things to think about. Yet, if people are already familiar with the tools, they will see just how these tools can make processes more efficient and effective.

How Does Workspace 365 Help Professionals

Some people are also familiar with Workspace 365 but have never used it before. What makes this effective for a lot of professionals? It was mentioned earlier that Microsoft 365 can have a lot of elements that it can be overwhelming for people who are using it for the first time. Even people who have been using it for some time may get confused. 

Using Workspace 365 will allow you to make the most out of using Microsoft 365. You can come up with a digital workspace that will be used by your employees. Just imagine: you will be able to create the type of digital experience that you have always wanted people to have.

These are some of the ways that Workspace 365 can help HR teams:

  1. There is only one place or portal that employees need to visit.

Some employees complain that there are a lot of digital websites that they need to check for the information they need. With the use of Workspace 365, there is only going to be one place for everything. Employees will be able to access different apps, get to see the announcements, and check their requests easily.

  • Improve overall efficiency.

The HR department is usually swamped with a lot of work. There are a lot of requests every day that they have to attend to. Plus, there are other tasks that they need to think about. Using Workspace 365 will allow them to use other tools to make processes easier. Some forms will be available there too.

  • Content targeting will be done well.

It can be confusing for some employees to try finding what they need. The portal should be clear enough and easy to use so that they will know how to navigate around the site. The content that they will view should also be relevant to the type of work that they are doing and the division that they are in. 

  • Easy access to the documents and policies needed.

Let us say that some employees want to review the employee handbook again regarding having paid leave. They do not need to contact the HR department anymore. They can just check the portal for the information. This will allow the HR team to work on other tasks without interruptions.

  • There are Micro-apps available.

The Micro-apps can be very useful for self-service. Whenever there are things that employees need to do, they can do everything on their own. There is no need to contact the HR head anymore to file a leave. The leave will be available on the portal. It will be checked and the employee can see if the leave has been approved or rejected.

There are still so many things that can be offered by Microsoft 365 and Workspace 365. Are you ready to integrate these tools to create the perfect HR system for your company?

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